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At Mainliner Services, we are proud of our reputation as a leader in applying and installing coloured surface treatment line marking for different industries across Melbourne. The high demand for our surface treatment services on roads, schools and other public areas has established us as one of the most reliable surface coating services.

Our highly trained team has extensive training and experience in this field. They know how to deliver outstanding results with coloured surfaces. In addition, we use our in-depth knowledge of road surface coating products, their application and installation procedures to provide what you expect from us.

In addition, we use superior quality products sourced from industry-leading brands and the latest techniques to provide the best possible coloured surface treatments that will last for years to come. So, let us help transform the atmosphere of any area to make it stand out from the rest.


    Benefits of Coloured Surface Treatment

    Enhanced Visual Appeal: Our coloured surface treatments are designed to breathe new life into roadways. With a wide range of vibrant colors to choose from, we can create visually striking designs that enhance the overall aesthetics of the area.

    Improved Durability: Our asphalt coatings and bituminous surface treatments offer excellent protection against wear and tear, extending the lifespan of the road surfaces. They provide a resilient barrier against UV rays, water damage, and other environmental factors, ensuring long-lasting durability.

    Increased Safety: Coloured surface treatments can improve road safety by incorporating contrasting colors or patterns. This helps delineate lanes, highlight pedestrian crosswalks, and alert drivers to potential hazards, promoting better visibility and reducing accidents.

    Cost-Effective Solution: Our coloured surface treatments offer a cost-effective alternative to full road resurfacing. By applying durable coatings, we can revitalize and rejuvenate existing surfaces, saving you time and money.


    What Our Coloured Surface Treatment Service Can Do for You

    Coloured surface treatment is essential for delineating safe zones, directing traffic flow, and alerting people to potential hazards. We use coloured lines in a wide variety of applications – from parking lots and warehouses to roadways and playgrounds.

    At line marking Melbourne, we provide solutions that combine style and functionality. For example, we use bituminous surface treatment to add a waterproof layer that can safeguard the underlying pavement.

    The most obvious benefit of our coloured line marking services is that they improve visibility. Brightly coloured lines are easily seen at night or in dimmer light conditions – which is critical for anyone walking near or trying to navigate a vehicle through a particular area.

    We utilise different colours for each type of lane or hazard marker (such as yellow for cautionary lanes). It helps drivers and pedestrians receive visual cues that make navigating space more efficient and much safer.

    Colours also provide the ability to separate specific areas from others visually. It will allow you to quickly recognise which parts you should pay attention to while still being able to identify other less critical elements quickly.

    In addition, we use brighter hues wherever applicable to attract onlookers’ eyes almost instantly. Therefore, our surface treatment line marking can help you take your business operations to the next level.

    By utilising our specialised technology and expertise, we bring colour into the equation, highlighting operational processes safely yet effectively that will captivate all onlookers.


    Every road and every path is meant to be travelled upon. It is part of the journey. Our line marking and road surface coating ensures that every journey is a safer one, easier to navigate and traverse. We understand the need for traffic to flow in the right direction. We specialise in Concrete Surface Coatings as well as asphalt coating and bituminous surface treatment. Our promise is that our product endures for the long term and stands out among the competition. We also offer industrial & concrete floor cleaning.

    Road Line Marking Expert

    We provide bituminous surface treatment (BST), a thin protective wearing surface ideal for applying to a pavement or base course. With bituminous surface treatment, it is possible to:

    • Add a waterproof layer to safeguard the underlying pavement
    • Make the surface safe.
    • Fill cracks or ravelled surfaces
    • Offer anti-glare effect during wet weather
    • Make the surface reflective for night driving

    At Mainliner, we pride ourselves on two key criteria. Simplicity and Precision. We offer simplicity through the readability of our work; our lines clearly marking their intentions and purpose and are the correct size to be read at the correct distance as well as being colour coordinated to inform rather than distract. We offer precision through our selection of materials for the surface being coated, ensuring we get the job done right the first time, every time.

    We have extended experience in coloured surface treatment and have an established reputation for quality service. We have completed large scale projects such as line marking for clients wanting the most professional outcome.
    Apart from coloured surface treatment, we offer civil line marking, traffic signage, car park line marking, bollards and wheel stops installation, factory line marking and more. To know more, please call us at (03) 9302 4676.


    Consult us today to learn more about our coating solutions. Or even just to learn what specialised concrete and asphalt coatings we provide. Whether it is the road less travelled or the road well worn, seek the Mainliner difference.

    We can provide:

    • Thermoplastic line marking
    • Bike and Bus lane marking coloured surface treatment
    • Polyaspartic Coatings
    • Concrete Sealers
    • Designer Flake Floor Coatings

    The experts at Mainliner specialise in asphalt coating to offer coloured and decorative patterns to various surfaces. From courtyards to driveways to any other outdoor area, our asphalt coating can attractively decorate a surface. Moreover, the coating we provide is weatherproof, so it stays unaffected in any season and stays intact for years.

    Choosing Asphalt coating for the outdoor areas of your property is a wise decision because it is known to stay unaffected by harsh sun rays. This means the Asphalt coating wouldn’t crack or fade, thus reducing your repair cost. Also, since the coating is moisture resistant, the cold temperature of winters or water in the rainy season cannot affect its appearance.

    Asphalt & Road Surface Coating

    Durability and Flexibility Of Asphalt Coating

    We make use of advanced asphalt coatings that are ideal for application in outdoor areas. Our high-performance asphalt coatings have been applied in many workspaces in Melbourne, and we have received positive feedback from all our clients. There’s no complaint of cracking or any damage done due to heavy wear and tear in all places where we have used our Asphalt coating.

    It’s difficult to find cons of Asphalt coating, which is one reason why its demand is increasing day by day.

    Why Choose Mainliner?

    Expertise and Reliability: With years of experience in the industry, Mainliner is a trusted provider of coloured surface treatments. Our skilled professionals have the expertise to deliver outstanding results while adhering to the highest quality standards.

    Quality Materials: We only utilize premium-grade materials for our coatings and treatments, ensuring superior durability and long-lasting performance.

    Attention to Detail: Our team pays meticulous attention to detail throughout every step of the process, from surface preparation to the application of the coloured surface treatment. We strive for excellence in craftsmanship.

    Customer Satisfaction: We prioritize customer satisfaction and aim to exceed expectations with our reliable service, clear communication, and exceptional workmanship.

    Call for Consultation

    Our Asphalt coating offers maximum protection, looks good and can withstand wear and tear with great ease. If you want to know more about our Asphalt coating, you can speak to our experts. Call us or fill in the form to connect with us.

    We can also provide a range of other services as well from Bollards to Speed humps. If you want to know what Mainliner can do for you, contact us today to discuss your project.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why use coloured surface treatment for line marking?

    Coloured surface treatments help delineate different areas and provide clear guidance for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists.

    The use of vibrant colours in line marking increases the overall aesthetic appeal of roads and public spaces while also promoting a sense of order and organization.

    How can coloured surface treatments help in industrial settings?

    Coloured surface treatments in industrial settings aid in segregating and identifying specific areas, such as work zones or hazardous areas.

    By using different colours for different purposes, it helps improve safety protocols and facilitates efficient workflow management.

    Coloured surface treatments also contribute to enhancing visual cues and highlighting important information, leading to enhanced productivity and reduced risk of accidents.

    What is the surface treatment of the road?

    The surface treatment of a road refers to the application of various materials, such as asphalt, aggregate, or a combination of both, to the road surface. This treatment helps to enhance the durability, skid resistance, and overall performance of the road, while also providing protection against weathering and wear.

    What is the cost of road surface coating in Melbourne?

    The cost of road surface coating in Melbourne can vary depending on several factors, including the size of the project, the type of coating material used, the condition of the existing road surface, and any additional requirements or specifications. It’s best to consult with Mainliner local contractors specialised in road maintenance and construction to obtain accurate and up-to-date cost estimates for road surface coating in Melbourne.

    What does asphalt coating do?

    Asphalt coating provides a protective layer that offers waterproofing, UV protection, improved durability, enhanced skid resistance, aesthetic improvements, ease of maintenance, and cost savings for asphalt surfaces.

    What is the best top coat for asphalt driveway?

    The best top coat for an asphalt driveway is a high-quality asphalt sealer. Asphalt sealers provide a protective layer that helps to extend the life of the driveway by sealing cracks, preventing water infiltration, reducing the effects of UV rays, and enhancing the overall appearance of the surface.

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