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Looking for a quality and reliable road and industrial line marking & surface coating company in Melbourne? Mainliner Services is here for you.
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Welcome to Mainliner – Line Marking Services in Melbourne

Paint Vs Extruded Thermoplastic

Road Line Marking Melbourne

Our team are experts in the field of in Line Marking for roads, commercial car parks, factories, and shopping centres all around Melbourne.

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Warehouse Line Marking Melbourne

We provide Warehouse line marking in Melbourne for increasing OHS and productivity. Clearly define the parameters of your workplace.

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Industrial Line Marking Melbourne

Choose Mainliner for industrial line marking and protective coatings in Melbourne that helps you to zone different areas of your workplace, such as heavy machinery zones, vehicle traffic areas, loading bays, Pedestrian Walkways,and much more. Keep your facility compliant and OHS friendly.

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Solar Line Marking

Protective Antislip Safety Floors

From the latest technology Poly Aspartic to epoxies and sealers, we supply and install long-lasting Anti slip flooring.

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    Line Marking

    We’ve made our mark on Melbourne roads, for both government and shire councils. We also specialise in marking out parking spaces both public, and industrial for a range of vehicles. Do you want carpark line marking for your commercial space? Contact us today for quick service. Our precision markings stand out in all environments, furnish the right information well in advance, and help the drivers and operators make accurate decisions. We also take pride in solving the traffic snarls in several Melbourne roads with our marking solutions.

    Safety Signage

    Need signage? We specialise in Safety Signage offering sign installation for commercial promotion, traffic management, and safety. We are proud to help Australians travel safely.
    We are a highly experienced safety marking contractor, and our safety signages are vivid and convey the right message to the workforce and the passers-by with zero confusion. take advantage of high-visibility signages at the right places for smooth commercial and industrial operations.

    Safety Line Marking

    Regardless of the type of industrial or commercial space and the traffic, demarcating spaces mean a lot for the safety of the people and machines.We analyse the process flow, observe the movement of the workforce, visitors, and machines, and delineate spaces for improved process safety and efficiency.As one of Melbourne’s leading factory line marking contractors, we provide floor marking fully compliant with OHS/WHS regulations.

    Road Surface Coating

    Our line marking Melbourne services ensure that every journey is safer and easier to navigate and traverse. We understand the need for traffic to flow in the right directions and specialise in Road Surface Coatings as well.
    Our vast knowledge of road safety regulations and scientific analysis of various safety triggers help us provide surface coating services by ensuring the highest possible safety for people, vehicles, and the road infrastructure.

    Industrial Cleaning

    Industrial floors are prone to dirt, dust, and spillage of chemicals and oils. A clean industrial floor improves workplace safety and minimises incidents. It also reduces clutter and enhances process efficiency. Our epoxy coated and concrete floor cleaners can quickly make your space clean and tidy with advanced industrial cleaning options.
    You can choose regular cleaning or a one-time service based on your workplace needs.

    Our Clients


    Top Quality Materials

    From safety line marking services to factory line marking and specialist industrial coatings, we use only the highest-grade thermoplastic, Methyl Methacrylate(MMA), rubber chlorinated, and waterborne paint to line out roads, parking spaces, and industrial markings. We use epoxies, sealers and polyaspartic coatings– that’s the mainliner difference.
    Importantly, our marking and coating materials are Highly Reflective, all-weather solutions that capture drivers’ eyes from long distances, even on rainy or foggy nights.

    Modern Technology

    Our facilities, equipment, and vehicles are all up-to-date and outfitted with the latest line marking, surface coating, industrial sweeping, and safety technology available.
    We use robotics and automated systems for high-accuracy marking for roads, parking lots, industrial areas, and commercial spaces. As a high-quality safety marking contractor, this helps us offer services in a quick turnaround and at competitive prices.

    Experienced Professionals

    The expertise of our safety marking professionals is a key differentiator in our solutions and service standards. Working with various industries, our marking contractors combine knowledge and insights to make demarcating solutions serving the purposes of safety and efficiency the best possible way.
    Join the many top end brands and customers to date, have your warehouse or factory facility become OHS compliant using Mainliner best practice standards.


    Check out our photo gallery displaying some of our best work on public roads, car parks, and industrial spaces.
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