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Professional Road Line Marking

At Mainliner, we specialize in providing professional road line marking services that prioritize safety, visibility, and traffic management. With years of experience in the industry, our team of experts is dedicated to delivering high-quality line marking Melbourne services for various road types, including highways, intersections, parking lots, and more.

We understand that every surface is different and requires a different painting solution. We are the road marking contractors that evaluate what material will last, adhere, and wear, understanding that heavy foot and vehicle traffic plays an enormous factor in the longevity of our materials.

That’s why we utilise quality machinery to apply extruded thermoplastic, rubber chlorinated, and water borne paint. Our versatility extends to a wide array of colour options for zoning, sectioning, symbol and number/letter options. Whether you’re a civil contractor, local government authority, shire council, facility manager or owner-occupier of premises that require our services, let us take care of all road line marking, coating and safety issues.


    We understand that simplicity and precision are key. The ability to read and interpret symbols or road marked signs when on the move is vital to the safety of all drivers on Melbourne roads. Our knowledge extends to clarity and sizing for symbols and signage. With years of experience, our understanding coloured surface treatment allows us to cater for even the largest projects, no matter the conditions. Contact us today, and we can have a chat about coating solutions. We can also offer products such as bollards, sign installation, wheel stops and speed bumps. Whatever your line marking specifications may require, let Mainliner provide the professional standard.

    Importance of Road Line Marking Melbourne

    Road line marking plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of our road networks. By clearly defining lanes, pedestrian crossings, and traffic flow, line markings help drivers navigate roads with confidence, reducing the risk of accidents and congestion. Our comprehensive road line marking services contribute to the overall organization and safety of any transportation infrastructure.

    Why Do You Need Road Line Marking Services?

    Road line marking services are essential for keeping the roads safe and helping drivers stay alert. When applied correctly, these traffic lines provide motorists with important information about their environment, including lane divisions, warning signs, speed limits and boundaries.

    Our road line marking services across Melbourne provide safety and efficiency on the roads by identifying lane divisions, pedestrian crosswalks, turn arrows and other necessary signage. Investing in these solutions can help reduce hazardous driving scenarios while allowing reliable navigation of your local streets and highways.

    Some of the benefits of road line marking solutions are:

    • Provides Clarity to Drivers

    When a driver is approaching an intersection with multiple lanes, they can determine which lane they should enter without causing confusion or obstructing other traffic. Without this clear indication of the road layout, it could be dangerous for other motorists who are unsure which way to go or how to navigate a busy area. As another example, line markings help keep vehicles organised to maximise speed and fuel efficiency when driving on highways or major roads during peak times.

    • Enhances Pedestrian Safety

    In addition to providing clarity for drivers, line markings play a vital role in enhancing pedestrian safety by providing them with better visibility and more precise guidance on where they are allowed to walk along a street or at intersections. It also helps to encourage responsible behaviour while increasing overall awareness of pedestrians’ presence in areas where urban traffic is concentrated.

    • Prevents Accidents

    Another key benefit of road line marking is that it prevents accidents in all weather conditions, such as fog or rain. The thick lines and reflective paints used in high-visibility applications further increases night-time clarity. It makes easier for users to see what’s ahead of them, even if there’s poor visibility outside the vehicle window.

    Overall, road line marking plays an integral role in maintaining order on Melbourne’s roads while maximising safety among drivers and pedestrians, making it one of the most crucial elements in city infrastructure today.


    Whether it be for commercial car parking, industrial factories or shopping centres in Melbourne, we can co-ordinate with you to deliver effective, long lasting solutions that match both your budget and legislative requirements.

    Our services include but are not limited to:

    • Large scale car park line marking
    • A wide range of symbol painting
    • Large scale Numbering and lettering
    • Safety lines
    • Speed bumps

    We also offer customised road line marking solutions to safeguard the safety of pedestrians and drivers across Melbourne, providing protection for a range of industries. With tailored options to fit any requirement and highly experienced professionals on hand, trust us to deliver superior standards in securing the security needs you need most.

    Call for a Melbourne’s Road Line Marking Quotation

    For a custom quote on services such as coloured surface treatment, traffic signage, and car park line marking, contact our team of professionals today. You can reach us at (03) 9302 4676.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is road line marking?

    Road line marking is the process of painting lines and symbols on roadways to help regulate traffic flow, increase safety, and communicate important information to drivers. These markings can include centerlines, lane dividers, crosswalks, stop lines, and directional arrows.

    What are the different types of lines on the road?

    Different types of lines on the road include:

    1. Solid White Line: Marks the edge of the road and separates lanes.
    2. Dashed White Line: Indicates lane changes are allowed.
    3. Solid Yellow Line: Prohibits crossing into oncoming traffic.
    4. Dashed Yellow Line: Allows passing when safe.
    5. Double Yellow Lines: Prohibit passing in both directions.
    6. Crosswalk Lines: Mark pedestrian crossing areas.
    7. Stop Line: Indicates where vehicles must stop at intersections.

    What are the colours of road markings?

    Road markings come in various colours, each of which indicates something different. The most common colours are white, yellow and red.

    • White lines are used to separate traffic going the same direction, mark off parking spaces or indicate pedestrian crossings.
    • Yellow is typically used for centrelines that separate opposing lanes of traffic and for no-passing zones.
    • Red lines designate forbidden areas where vehicles cannot pass or park; they may also protect pedestrians at crosswalks or intersections.

    Additionally, some roads employ chevron markings in various colours, such as blue and green, when additional guidance on navigating curves is needed.

    How do you apply road markings?

    To apply road markings:

    1. Plan and design the markings.
    2. Prepare the road surface by cleaning it thoroughly.
    3. Use masking tape or stencils to outline the markings.
    4. Apply paint or thermoplastic materials using spraying, rolling, or pre-formed methods.
    5. Allow the markings to cure and dry.
    6. Remove the masking tape or stencils.

    Consult road marking professionals for accurate and compliant applications.

    How much does line marking cost per meter?

    The cost of line marking per meter varies based on factors such as location, road type, complexity, materials, and quantity needed. Contact Mainliner Services – your local road line marking service provider in Melbourne, for accurate pricing based on your specific project requirements.

    How long do road markings last?

    The lifespan of road markings varies depending on factors such as materials used, traffic volume, climate, and maintenance. On average, road markings last between 1 to 5 years, with thermoplastic markings typically lasting longer. Regular maintenance and reapplication may be required to ensure visibility and effectiveness. Consult our road marking professionals for more accurate information based on your specific circumstances.

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