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Car Park Line Marking

Car Park Line Marking



Does your car park need remarking? Or to be marked to decongest traffic flow or safety hazards? Car parks are consistently bustling with vehicle and foot traffic. As such the solution required for car park line marking needs to be industrious, with strong adherence to the substrate, so as not to wear too quickly. Mainliner can offer a large variety of solutions to define structure, and create order including the direction and movement of traffic. We offer floor marking, road line marking and car park line marking in Melbourne and solutions that will stand the test of time.



    Our machinery is fully equipped to apply extruded thermoplastic, rubber chlorinated, and water borne paint, concrete sealers, epoxies and polyaspartic coatings depending on your surface requirements. We can even apply non-slip coatings for pedestrian areas for complete car park marking, not just the placement of cars. The service we provide is focused on simplicity and precision. The lines we mark are striking, easy to interpret, long lasting and designed to optimise, making the most out of any space.

    Remember, the first impression is the last, and your car park is the first thing your customers will see. Having well-organised, clear car park areas can impress your customers and make them happy to visit you. Counting on us for marking your car park areas is a wise decision as we will do the job well. We will ensure that your customers see the high standard workmanship in your car park areas as they see in your office.

    Our markings will make it easy for your guests to enter, park, and exit the parking lot without human interference. Our experience in car park line marking makes us capable of marking even the trickiest of parking lots with great ease.


    An experienced and professional service, we can help you develop a long term, effectively line marked car park. One that leads customers straight to your door. This includes helping you to determine the right material for your surface.

    Furthermore, we offer a wide range of symbol painting and safety lines in a variety of colours. We can also offer products such as bollards, sign installation wheel stops and speed bumps. So, for all your car park line marking needs, choose Mainliner, and lets discuss what we can do together.

    Our services include but are not limited to:

    • Large scale carpark line marking
    • A wide range of symbol painting
    • Large scale Numbering and lettering
    • Safety lines
    • Speed bumps
    • Epoxies and specialist floor coatings

    We also offer other services like warehouse & industrial floor cleaning, non-slip flooring solution, and more


    Importance Of Professional Car Park Line Marking Services

    Quality car park markings can help define walkways and parking bays and show warnings and guidance for drivers and pedestrians. With car park markings, it is easy to mark out specialised areas like disabled parking, drop-off or pick-up area, loading and unloading area, etc. Having your car park area marked in detail can be beneficial for your customers and staff. At Mainliner, we can undertake the job of marking your car park as per your requirements. Discuss your car park line marking needs and leave the rest to us.

    Contact Us For More Details

    If you have any concerns with your current car park markings, you can discuss the same with our experts. You can call us on (03) 9302 4676 to inquire about Melbourne’s car park line marking cost. Feel free to fill in the form to get a free quote for marking your car park.

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