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It is incredibly common that unsafe areas in a workplace are known about but left unmarked. And it only takes one person unaware of this fact before that unsafe area is the scene of an accident or near miss. Clearly define areas of danger. It is not just for OHS reasons, but for the safety of your workforce.

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If you know of a hazardous area, or just feel the need to mark the area as a reminder, Mainliner can help. Line marking not only makes for a safer workplace but can be used to create a more productive work site. Whether it be marking pedestrian and heavy machinery traffic, separating forklifts from pedestrian traffic or reminding workers of their duties.


    Mainliner offers WorkSafe Line Marking in Melbourne to create a safe and organised workplace. Our line marking solutions ensure the proper marking of hazardous areas and serve as reminders for workers. Our OHS line marking separates pedestrian and heavy machinery traffic, keeps forklifts away from foot traffic, and reminds workers of their responsibilities. By providing safe line marking solutions, Mainliner ensures the safety of everyone on the work site.

    We are committed to protecting your staff and workers with well-defined lines that promote an orderly environment that provides them peace of mind while on the job. These marked guidelines help create an atmosphere where everyone feels secure as they move through their daily tasks.

    At Mainliner Services, we design and install WorkSafe and OHS line markings that make manufacturers and retailers abide by guidelines set forth through the Occupational Health & Safety Act (OH&S). We offer line markings in accordance with this legislation to maintain a safe environment within the workplace. In addition, we meet all requirements specific to each region’s regulations concerning flooring designations; emergency equipment access; restricted areas; electrical hazard zones’ etc.

    Why do you need WorkSafe and OHS line marking services?

    WorkSafe and OHS line marking services are essential for any workplace that has heavy foot traffic. They enable organisations to create visible cues on floors, walls, or other surfaces to clearly define space and mark hazards and areas requiring special protection.

    Line marking services can help prevent costly accidents and unsafe working conditions by informing workers about their safety protocols. In addition, it helps keep employees aware of their environment at all times so they can stay alert and mindful of potential hazards around them.

    They also remind people to take extra precautions when handling hazardous materials by signalling the area as off-limits with appropriate signage or colour markings. In addition, WorkSafe and OHS line marking services serve as a visual deterrent for personnel who work too closely in areas deemed dangerous or restricted due to health concerns such as chemical exposure.

    At Mainliner Services, we offer WorkSafe and OHS line marking services. It helps organisations to assist their workforce in navigating while operating within the confines of local OH&S standards. In addition, it helps protect its staff and customers from physical injury caused by recklessness or lack of awareness of dangerous zones.

    Apart from this, we also offer car park line marking, road line marking, coloured surface treatment, factory line marking and more. Contact us to know more in detail.


    We have a versatile array of line marking and coating solutions, and a spectrum of striking colours to mark, identify and quantify risk zones in the work area. Giving your employees the ability to always be aware of their environment, using an easy to interpret visual, as a guide.

    What’s more, we understand which material best adheres to what surface. And how long such line marking will last, given foot or vehicle traffic, texture, and the indoor or outdoor elements. That’s why we utilise machinery capable of applying any material depending on your surface requirements.

    We want to make warehouses, businesses and industrial workplaces safer in Melbourne. Our focus is one of simplicity and precision. We have the knowledge to apply the best type of products for your floors. We understand the effectiveness of symbols as communicative tools. That a symbol is all it takes to precisely inform and warn those who read it. Help Mainliner make your workplace, a safer one. Call us today for your workplace solution.

    Worksafe Line Marking Melbourne

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does OHS stand for in the workplace?

    OHS stands for occupational health and safety. It is a set of rules, regulations, and policies designed to ensure employees’ safety in the workplace. OHS aims to prevent accidents, injuries, illnesses, and diseases related to work activities.

    It includes providing effective training programs on potential workplace hazards and implementing effective hazard control systems. In addition, an employer must provide workers with safety equipment like protective gear when necessary and access to medical care for an injury or illness while performing job duties.

    Furthermore, employers are required by law to conduct regular assessments and risk assessments of their working environment to identify any possible hazards that could cause harm or illness among employees and ensure these risks are addressed accordingly.

    Complying with OHS regulations protects employees from injury. It also protects employers from costly legal proceedings if something were to go wrong due to negligence in meeting such standards. Therefore, strictly adhering to OHS regulations is essential from a moral standpoint and business standpoint.

    How long does it take to install OHS and WorkSafe line markings?

    It depends on the size and complexity of the project. Generally, it takes a few days to weeks to install Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) and WorkSafe line markings. It includes time for planning, measuring, and preparation work.

    Preparation work may consist of surface treatment, cleaning, priming and any repairs necessary before the striping materials’ application. Please speak to our expert to discuss your requirement and get an idea of the time required to complete your WorkSafe line marking job.

    How do you install OHS or WorkSafe markings?

    The installation process typically consists of three main steps:

    • Pre-marking Preparation – This includes site measurements to determine the layout of markings required by OHS regulations and customer needs. Additionally, this step may consist of surface treatments such as patching cracks or dirt removal for optimal adhesion preparation in advance. Finally, we will mark the spaces according to safety signage design plans. It helps to create physical barriers around hazardous areas during the installation process.
    • Paint or Striping Material Application – We will select material after pre-marking preparation. Depending on your requirement, it may be a vinyl tape application (available in various lines depending on the environment) or paint coatings (including long-life aliphatic coating options).
    • Finalisation – Upon completion, an assessment is conducted by qualified personnel to ensure all applicable Australian Standards have been met before releasing the area back into use.

    All these steps require expertise and proper execution. So, we consider adequate scheduling or budget compliance for OHS line marking projects.

    What’s the cost of OHS industrial line markings?

    The cost of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) or WorkSafe marking solutions depends on several factors, including the type and size of the business for which these solutions are being sought. Generally, OHS or WorkSafe marking solutions can range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars.

    Lower-cost OHS or WorkSafe marking solutions may be considered for smaller businesses with limited resources and operations. These basic systems consist of labelling floors and walls; setting up organisation-wide safety protocols; conducting periodic risk assessments; providing safety equipment supplies such as gloves, hard hats and protective clothing; training workers on proper safety practices; ensuring that any hazardous materials used in the workplace are correctly stored and labelled; monitoring activities to ensure they comply with regulations that govern workplace safety practices.

    Higher-cost OHS or WorkSafe marking solutions may be necessary for larger organisations with more complex operations. Such comprehensive systems include a wide range of features such as advanced hazard recognition technologies, job site auditing tools tailored for specific types of industries, surveillance cameras to monitor individual workplaces for compliance issues throughout multiple locations, etc.

    In short, you should invest in OHS or WorkSafe line markings depending on your company’s size and complexity.

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