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Roads of glass: a look at extruded thermoplastic

26 November 2017

All line marking eventually fades. Exposed to the elements, under constant wear from foot and vehicle traffic, time will always win out. The risk of faded line marking isn’t always obvious either. While line marking may still be visible during the day, at night, zebra crossings or warning symbols may not be so easy to see, as their reflectivity deteriorates.

Consider a car travelling at high speed, at night. Add a pedestrian believing he or she has right of way. Remember that the driver cannot see the zebra crossing. These are the ingredients for tragedy. It is here that line marking often fails in its primary objective. Becoming increasingly aware of this, the Melbourne line marking industry has developed comprehensive solutions.

Thermoplastic is one of the of the biggest advancements and is now one of the most common types of road marking for cost and performance longevity. Today’s line marking solutions see Thermoplastic applied to asphalt and pavement with an unlikely ally.

Glass beads have been added to the mix, changing the line marking industry forever. The smallest beads can be a significantly smaller than a millimeter, with larger beads being up to two millimeters. The sizes of which are used for a variety of applications but when combined with the Thermoplastic and applied to the surface (before curing), glass beads benefit line marking in several ways.

Firstly, they are reflective, making line marking night visible, and creating safer driving conditions. Secondly, the glass beads increase traction being an anti-skid additive. Meaning that the line marking reduces the risk of accident, whether it be due to skidding or sliding in inclement weather. Most importantly though, is longevity. Glass beads are present throughout the material, so as it wears, the line marking remains reflective. Both in terms of adherence and reflectivity, thermoplastic with glass beads can lasts up to six times longer than other paint substitutes. Meaning more visible line marking for longer, day or night.

Mainliner offer all types of line marking solutions. From coloured surface treatment, epoxy and non-slip coating as well as extruded Thermoplastic with glass beads. As such we have a proven experience in understanding the requirements for and applications of various line marking solutions. Whether it be for car parks, roads industrial or warehousing, Mainliner can find the best solution to meet your requirements.

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